The following Classroom Activities are designed to improve statistical understandings and affect for all students. Each teacher should complete the Foundational Activity first. This activity serves as an introduction to all four steps of a statistical investigation and emphasizes. Teachers can then choose one or more additional classroom activities depending on the needs of their students.

โ€‹Foundational Activity (Complete this activity first!)Teacher GuideStudent HandoutSlidesMeasures of Center ActivityTeacher GuideStudent HandoutSlidesMeasures of Spread ActivityTeacher GuideStudent HandoutSlidesStatistical Questions ActivityTeacher GuideStudent HandoutSlidesData Collection ActivityTeacher GuideStudent HandoutSlidesData Analysis ActivityTeacher GuideStudent HandoutSlidesInterpretation ActivityTeacher GuideStudent HandoutSlides

Supplemental ACTIVITIES

The Supplemental Activities are designed to support students reasoning with the targeted misconceptions. Teachers should use the diagnostic results to identify these students and then work with them as individuals or small groups.

โ€‹DDE: Data Distributions as EntitiesTeacher GuideTeacher GuideStudent HandoutStudent HandoutDDE1 (Drinking Water)DDE2 (Sleep Time)Teacher GuideStudent HandoutDDE3 (Quiz Scores)CDD: Comparing Data DistributionsTeacher GuideTeacher GuideStudent HandoutStudent HandoutCDD1 (Homework Time)CDD2 (Sleep Time)Teacher GuideStudent HandoutCDD3 (Quiz Scores)OMP: Overreliance on the Mean ProcedureTeacher GuideStudent HandoutOMP1 (School Lunches)OMP2 (Homework Time)SlidesTeacher GuideTeacher GuideStudent HandoutOMP3 (Backpack Weight)


The Independent Practice Tasks are designed as a quick way to sample studentsโ€™ thinking before moving onto the full-class administration of the diagnostic post-test. Teachers should use these tasks with students identified as reasoning with the misconceptions after using some of the Supplemental Activities. If misconception reasoning is still present, complete additional Supplemental Activities with these students.

โ€‹DDE: Practice TasksScoring GuideStudent HandoutDDE Practice TasksCDD: Practice TasksScoring GuideStudent HandoutCDD Practice TasksOMP: Practice TasksScoring GuideStudent HandoutOMP Practice Tasks